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Welcome to Western Australia and Lee Relocation Services Website.....

Lee Relocation Services, located in Western Australia, welcomes new migrants from around the world so they too can experience the bright burgeoning city of Perth.

Perth, WA is nestled between the Swan River and the Indian Ocean. With an awesome coastline of pristine beaches and rugged outcrops which is complimented by a beautiful Mediterranean climate. It is a landscape rich in contrast with lush green rainforests to the South, magnificent desert plains to the North and East and rich farmlands to the Southwest and East.

Western Australia is the largest, but most sparsely populated, state in Australia with a population of over 2.2 million people living in an area of 2.5 million square Km. The majority of the population, approximately 80%, live within a 60km radius of the Perth CBD (Central Business District) and along the coastal strip.

Why Use Our Company?

Relocating to a new home, be it in Australia, Europe, America, Asia or Africa, is a life changing experience which brings a range of challenges and excitement for new immigrants.

Lee Relocation Services provides an experienced, professional, friendly and caring attitude to facilitate a cost-effective service with a view to settle our clients quickly and comfortably in Western Australia. 

Our services are based on individual needs. We will organise finding an apartment or family home, schooling for both primary and high school children, provide information on health care, local recreation facilities, shopping centre locations, places of interest as well as details of any other specialised requirements or pastimes you may need. We will also answer any questions relating to local customs and the cost of living in Western Australia.

Our relationship begins weeks before you arrive in Perth, via phone and emails, and continues for a period of time after you move in and start settling into your new home.

It is not essential to know everything about living in Western Australia before arriving as you will find the exciting journey of discovery continues long after your first night in your new home.

Lee Relocation Services understands the stress involved in a move and we’re here to help.


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